A TMJ disorder can be caused by a number of things, including an uneven bite. You already know that your jaws move up and down, but they can also move slightly forward when you eat or speak. When you close your jaws, your upper and front teeth should meet and touch each other at the same time. But a tooth that is damaged or improperly shaped can keep your teeth from properly meeting each other, creating or aggravating a TMJ disorder. You may also experience other problems, including dental damage. Our dentist may suggest an appointment at Alpine Meadows Family Dental for an occlusal equilibration in Lehi, Utah.

Procedure: Equilibration

The first step in this treatment is to take an impression of your teeth. That will allow Dr. Daniel Baird to study how your teeth meet one another when you close your jaws. The treatment itself is done by gently reshaping one or more teeth so that your jaw will close correctly and relieve your TMJ symptoms. This is a very easy process normally free of any discomfort, and it can be performed in one visit to our office.

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