Along with our other options for restorative dentistry, Dr. Daniel Baird and the team at Alpine Meadows Family Dental offer dental onlays in Lehi, Utah. An onlay could be said to fall somewhere between a filling and a crown. It is designed to cover the cusp of your tooth and may be used to repair damage that may need more attention than a filling but is not serious enough to require a crown. Our dentist may recommend an onlay if the tooth is not strong enough to support a filling, the damage is located in an area where a filling cannot be used or if our dentist makes the decision not to remove the tooth enamel required for a crown.

Procedure: Onlays (CAD/CAM)

The process to place an onlay is similar to placing a filling or crown. Our dentist will numb the affected tooth and the immediate area around it. Then he will remove any tooth material that has been compromised. An impression will be taken of the tooth. In the past, we would have provided you with a temporary onlay while your permanent one was crafted in an off-site dental lab. However, our office uses CEREC technology to create your new, permanent onlay in a single visit with us. Our dentist will cement your onlay in place and polish it so that it blends in seamlessly with the surface of your tooth.

If you are living with a damaged tooth and would like to meet with our dentist to learn more about dental onlays, contact our office at 801-492-9207 to schedule your appointment.


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