Missing teeth can present multiple problems for your smile. You can struggle to eat and speak effectively, and your smile may not look its best. Two of the most common methods for filling in your smile are dental bridges and dental implants, and at Alpine Meadows Family Dental, our dentist and team offer both.

Procedure: Bridge Versus an Implant

A bridge is much less expensive than implants, and with CEREC technology, a bridge can be placed in a single visit. However, a bridge is much less stable than an implant and usually lasts for about 10 years if you follow a sound oral health regimen. A bridge can be brushed normally, but it may require extra care when flossing. A bridge is held in place by crowns, which may be susceptible to tooth decay at the gumline. While a bridge can restore your appearance and your basic dental function, they do not replace the tooth root. Without that root, you can begin to lose mass in your jawbone, a process known as resorption.

While dental implants cost more than a bridge, they are extremely stable and can last you a lifetime. They look and feel natural and can be brushed and flossed just like your natural teeth. Because the implant replaces the entire tooth, it can also keep your jaw strong and healthy. For your implant to be a success, you need to have good oral health and be committed to a strong home care regiment, regular dental visits and avoiding habits that may cause it to fail.

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