A dental bridge is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. It is a permanent restoration option that does not need to be removed for brushing, and with the proper care, it can serve you well for 10 years or more. Often, a bridge is placed by first removing the enamel from the two teeth adjacent to the empty space. Then crowns are placed on those teeth, which will be used to hold your bridge in place.

Procedure: Implant-Supported Bridge (Anterior – CAD/CAM)

Procedure: Implant-Supported Bridge (Anterior – Impression)

A conventional bridge is an effective way to fill in your smile, but at Alpine Meadows Family Dental, we offer implant-supported bridges in Lehi, Utah. As the name indicates, the bridge is held in place by implants instead of crowns and offers some distinct advantages. A crown only protects your tooth down to the gumline, and because of that, your tooth may still be vulnerable to cavities or dental caries, especially if you have gum disease. And missing teeth will eventually cause your jawbone to lose mass. With an implant-supported bridge, you will often enjoy greater stability than with a conventional bridge, and the implants will also help to keep your jawbone strong. You will also not need to worry about decay reaching your tooth at the gumline.

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