Good gum health is essential to good oral and even general health. Regular visits with our dentist for your cleanings (prophylaxis) can be very effective in locating or preventing gum disease. If you are not experiencing any problems with your gums or teeth, these visits are usually sufficient for keeping your smile healthy. Your checkups and a regular brushing and flossing can prevent gum disease and the problems associated with it, and the need for periodontal maintenance.

Procedure: Prophylaxis Versus Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is required with the onset of gum disease. While gum disease is not reversible past a certain point, periodontal maintenance can help you control it. The process usually involves a deep cleaning of your teeth, reaching below the gumline. It may involve other procedures such as antibiotic treatments, increased brushing and flossing, or lifestyle changes. Periodontal maintenance requires more frequent visits with our dentist, and you may need to schedule appointments at Alpine Meadows Family Dental three or four times each year. The number of visits will depend on how far your gum disease has progressed.

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