In most cases, a troublesome tooth can be removed with a simple extraction. This involves Dr. Daniel Baird gently loosening the tooth in its socket with a tool called an elevator before removing it with forceps. But there are times when an extraction may be more involved. Those cases can include wisdom teeth, but you may also need to see our dentist for surgical extraction in Lehi, Utah, if your tooth is extremely decayed or infected or if it has been broken off close to the gumline. During your examination, Dr. Baird will let you know if a surgical extraction is needed. The process may involve making an incision in your gumline to access and remove the tooth. Our dentist and team will administer anesthetic or use other pain management techniques to help keep you comfortable during your visit.

Procedure: Surgical Extraction (other)

We will provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions and, if needed, prescriptions for antibiotics or pain medications. However, in many cases, application of a cold or ice pack and over-the-counter pain medications are often sufficient. You should gently rinse the area with a solution of salt and warm water and avoid brushing the area for as long as directed by the dentist. For the first few days, avoid hot drinks, using straws and smoking.

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