At Alpine Meadows Family Dental, our dentist and team understand that everyone has different smile needs. Because of that, we offer a wide range of restoration options, including cantilever dental bridges in Lehi, Utah.

Procedure: Cantilever Bridge (CAD/CAM)

Like a regular dental bridge, a cantilever bridge is a fixed restoration. A traditional bridge is made up of two crowns that are placed on the teeth on each side of the gap in your smile. Those crowns hold the replacement teeth, also known as a pontic. By contrast, a cantilever bridge is only attached to a single tooth. In most cases, a cantilever bridge is used for only one missing tooth and generally are not recommended for replacing lost molars or premolars.

Cantilever bridges are ideal for restoring the aesthetics of your smile. Since it only involves one tooth, Dr. Daniel Baird will only need to place a single crown and will not need to remove the tooth enamel, making the process reversible if your needs or smile goals change in the future. There is also a much lower risk of tooth decay, which can occur with traditional dental crowns. The treatment requires no anesthesia and is a very cost-effective restoration option.

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