If a cavity or area of tooth decay is not addressed by our dentist, a number of problems may arise. You can develop a toothache, and the tooth can become fractured or it may even break or split. You can also experience bad breath or halitosis, and the tooth may become infected, requiring a root canal or even an extraction.

Procedure: Composite Versus Amalgam Filling

For years, cavities were treated with amalgam fillings. These fillings were a mixture of a number of different metals, including silver, copper, zinc, tin and trace amounts of mercury. Over time, there has been a growing concern about the potential side effects of these metals, and while the FDA has stated that the amount of mercury used in these fillings does not pose a health hazard, many people are interested in an alternative. Along with concerns about the metals used, amalgam fillings can deteriorate over time, and it is possible you could ingest pieces of the filling. Additionally, there is the risk of recurring decay and the need to replace the filling. Finally, many people would like to restore their smiles with a more attractive option.

By contrast, composite fillings are made of a resin that contains no potentially harmful materials. The composite is applied in a liquid form, which molds itself to the opening in your tooth and requires less drilling. It also bonds directly to the tooth itself, protecting the tooth from future decay. Composite fillings do not need to be replaced, and in cases in which retreatment is required, the dentist will only need to add additional layers of composite. Once it has cured, the composite is extremely durable and holds up very well against the pressure from biting and chewing. Many people consider the biggest advantage of composite fillings to be cosmetic. Before placing the resin, the dentist will match its color to that of your tooth, making your filling practically invisible.

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