If you develop a cavity or area of decay on a tooth that is easily visible in your smile, a composite dental filling is the obvious choice. It allows our dentist to restore the appearance and structure of your tooth without affecting the way your tooth looks. And for several years, composite fillings were often used only for front teeth.

Procedure: Composite Filling (Posterior)

Over time however, new composite material has come into use that can withstand the biting and chewing pressure exerted on your back teeth, making these types of fillings viable for your molars and premolars. Along with the aesthetic value, there are other benefits to composite fillings. Since the filling is placed in liquid form, the dentist will not need to remove as much tooth material as with an amalgam filling. The composite will form itself to the shape of the cavity and bond itself to the surface of your tooth. This creates a strong seal and may prevent future decay from setting in. If you develop problems later, the dentist will only need to add more layers of composite instead of removing the filling and placing a new one.

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