Grinding and clenching your teeth, whether you do it subconsciously as a reaction to stress, can damage your smile over time, and your back teeth can be especially at risk, but your front teeth can also be damaged by this problem as well. The increased wear can result in fractures, cavities and tooth infections and may even affect the appearance and alignment of your smile. The pressure caused by bruxism can result in jaw pain and problems eating, speaking and yawning.

Procedure: Anterior Bite Plane

At Alpine Meadows Family Dental, we offer anterior bite planes in Lehi, Utah. Our dentist, Dr. Daniel Baird, can create a bite plane designed to protect your front teeth and prevent discomfort in your jaws, head and neck. An anterior bite plane is designed to fit over your front teeth and is custom-made from an impression of your smile. You simply slip it over your front teeth during the day or before going to bed. It not only cushions your teeth, but it can help decrease the muscular tension that can be caused by bruxism and the other symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

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