Your teeth need a healthy amount of gum tissue. Your gums can add the perfect accent to the aesthetics of your smile and protect the dentin on your teeth from cavities or dental caries. They also help you maintain proper dental alignment and keep your body safe from dangerous oral bacteria. But if you have an overabundance of gum tissue, or if your teeth have been shortened by a trauma, your smile’s appearance can be affected, and you may find it difficult to brush and floss as you should. If this is the case for you, we invite you to call Alpine Meadows Family Dental at 801-492-9207. Our dentist, Dr. Daniel Baird, can see you for an examination for crown lengthening in Lehi, Utah.

Procedure: Crown Lengthening (Deep Caries)

Procedure: Crown Lengthening (Esthetic)

Procedure: Crown Lengthening (Tooth Wear)


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